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11/03/07:  UPDATE - Full manuals and PCB scans uploaded as well as "more pictures" added to the "More Pictures" section!

What is this computer?
The Kenbak-1 was designed in the early 70s as an educational tool.  The prototype was first demonstrated at a high school teacher convention in 1971.  John Blankenbaker designed this computer before there were microprocessors.  The board uses 132 standard series TTL logic ICs as the CPU / process control logic and two 1024 bit shift registers for memory.  Even though the computer had a 1MHz clock it only processed a few hundred instructions per second!  This is because the Kenbak-1 has a serial architecture, it only processes one bit at a time!  We'll get into this later...

In 1987 out of several other vintage computer choices the Kenbak-1 was judged to be the first personal computer (PC)!  This was the first machine you could buy, set on a table top, enter in a program, and view the results.

For a more in depth history of the Kenbak-1, what better place to hear it from than John himself!  Click here for a link to his site!
11/03/07 -  Discounts for veterans and active military are available.  Possible educational discounts available.  Reservations for units may be made now.  I will not expect or accept any money until a kit is ready to be sold/shipped.  E-mail me at grant@stockly.com about it and include "Kenbak" in the subject so I don't miss it!

The Kenbak-1 Series 2 Kit is built using the highest quality parts available.  Every part is new or new old stock (when new parts are not currently made).  Every part required to complete the kit is included except the power cord, which I do not want to include due to possible liability issues.

The kit contains:
  • Available with/without John's signature (you must mail desired part and arrange it with him - sharpie markers work good, include your own)
  • Some Altair Kit owners wanted me to sign the back of their units and/or write the serial number.  That would also be free.  ; )
  • Revision B Kenbak-1 PCB (the version sold by John Blankenbaker in 1971)
  • Custom Reproduction Kenbak-1 Enclosure
    • All dimensions measured to .001" with digital calipers, conformed to standard dimensions, and recorded with great accuracy
    • Custom Aluminum handles, clear anodized finish
    • Top and Bottom case halves are painted (color matched to original) 20ga steel
    • 14ga Brushed Aluminum Anodized Front Panel with black ink silkscreen
    • 14ga Painted Aluminum Rear Panel (painted the same color as top/bottom)
  • ALL parts required to complete the kit (please see "More Pictures" for examples of kit contents)
  • +12v/-12v/+5v 60W Switching Power Supply
  • Choice between chrome bezel LED and Incandescent lamps.  Please see "more pictures" for examples.
  • Choice of extra colored switch key caps to dress up the Kenbak! (no charge for a standard set of 6 color keys)
  • Choice of tactile "click" switches or silent switches
  • Restored Kenbak-1 Theory Manual, Lab Exercises Manual, and Programming Worksheets in a 1" D ring binder. (available for PDF download soon)
    • Original first generation quality copies of the Kenbak-1 manuals were scanned at 600dpi, precision rotated, white space was deleted (remove copy specks), and text blocks and page numbers were placed on new margins.
    • Printed on 32lb paper bound in a 1" D ring binder (available for PDF download soon)
This Kenbak kit is functionally and in most ways physically identical to the original Kenbak-1 Computer.  A complete listing of differences is available.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!  I will be glad to provide requested pictures, specifications, or a description of your area of interest.

It is possible that there will be fully assembled Kenbak-1 Series-2 kits available.  I am not sure what the price would be yet (I would not be doing it).

The kit comes with a guarantee that you will end up with a fully functional unit.  As long as you make a good effort at assembling the kit, and pay shipping both ways, I will diagnose and repair your kit for free.  This guarantee does not cover physical damage to any part during or because of incorrect installation.  Some parts, if damaged, cost so little that I would not charge for replacement.  PCBs, Power supply, or the case for example would not be replaced for free.  If you have any questions about this policy, please ask.
See "More Pictures" for the kit contents!

Everything Else:
I'd like to acknowledge the following people for their assistance in the creation of this kit.  Their advice and support is responsible for the quality and value of the kit!

John Blankenbaker of http://www.kenbak-1.net/, for allowing me to create this kit and for loaning me copies of the manuals and an original PCB!

Erik Klein of http://www.vintage-computer.com, for the MANY HOURS of help on identifying parts, measuring case dimensions, and for being a good friend throughout the process!

Steven Reidman of Mile High Testing Services, for providing raw PCB to Gerber scanning services.  EXCELLENT quality, service, and pricing!
©2007 Grant Stockly
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